The House – Florence Marsh, Part 2

It is not often that one discovers that a prominent citizen and contributor to the community lived in the home one now occupies. I consider myself lucky to be one of those people. Buying my home, and researching its history, has brought me closer to the community I now call home and understanding the storiesContinue reading “The House – Florence Marsh, Part 2”

The House – Florence Marsh, Part 1

One of the attractions of an older home, particularly to someone with an interest in history, is the fact that the home had a life long before its current occupant. That life includes people who, like me, are moving through time and experiencing the events and challenges presented in their lifetimes. Another of the individualsContinue reading “The House – Florence Marsh, Part 1”

The House, Part 1 – A.W. Patrick

I am one of those people who would much rather prefer an old house to a new one. The first house I ever bought was a brand-new construction and I remember trying to do everything I could, while it was built and afterwards, to give it some semblance of old house charm. Not easy toContinue reading “The House, Part 1 – A.W. Patrick”