The First Bentz Family

One of the joys of conducting research into one’s own family is the discovery of stories and people that you never even knew existed. Sometimes we don’t know about them because they may have lived during a period, or in a place, with very poor records. Occasionally we never hear of them because they areContinue reading “The First Bentz Family”

Who was Walter James Ashworth?

My family talked very little of my great-grandfather Walter James Ashworth. What little I had heard of him came from various anecdotes told me by my grandmother, mother and uncles. He seemed like a bit of an enigma and a black sheep, for reasons still untold to me, but often speculated on. For all ofContinue reading “Who was Walter James Ashworth?”

The House, Part 4 – Samuel Crossland

One of the most basic questions that the homeowner of an old home asks themselves is “Who built my house?” It is a question that, with older homes, is often difficult to answer since the records we most often rely upon do not necessarily provide the kind of detail necessary to make a firm determination.Continue reading “The House, Part 4 – Samuel Crossland”