Fallen Heroes: Private James McMerter

One of the reasons I became a historian in the first place was because I enjoyed discovering, and telling, the stories of people who’s history has been lost. Whenever I come across a person whose life has been all but forgotten, especially when that person volunteered to serve their country, I feel a special motivationContinue reading “Fallen Heroes: Private James McMerter”

Russell Lowell Shively: Clean Living and a Cheerful Disposition

One of my mantras is that every person, historical or living, has a story to tell us. Occasionally, just to remind myself of that, I look for a random person in a historical record and dive into their life to discover their story. The other day I found myself virtually leafing through the 1913 NewContinue reading “Russell Lowell Shively: Clean Living and a Cheerful Disposition”

John Pryor Cary’s Unfortunate End

Historical newspaper stories are a treasure trove of information about a community and its inhabitants. Often dull, sometimes inflammatory, and in the case of John Pryor Cary (1841-1901) of Uhrichsville, tragic. After reading a newspaper story about his death, I wanted to learn more about what may have led this man to his unfortunate end.Continue reading “John Pryor Cary’s Unfortunate End”

Isaac K. Lakin: From the Tuscarawas to the Yellowstone

The Yellowstone River with Miles City, Montana in the distance, c. 1881. I always enjoy when I stumble across someone in history who, through a simple mention in a newspaper or other source, captures my interest so much that I want to learn more about them. My search for their life in the historical recordContinue reading “Isaac K. Lakin: From the Tuscarawas to the Yellowstone”