Fallen Heroes: Private Daniel F. Freed

If you have read any of my previous Fallen Heroes posts you know that many of the heroes profiled do not die on the battlefield. Accidents and disease occur that take the lives of those prepared to sacrifice it in the service of their country. Sometimes the most heart wrenching losses occur shortly after aContinue reading “Fallen Heroes: Private Daniel F. Freed”

John H. Kearns: Louisville, Kentucky

My neighbor’s whiskey-distilling ancestor, John H. Kearns, faced a fight in his hometown of Lebanon, Kentucky. The Temperance Movement worked hard and convinced his neighbors in the whiskey distilling town to go dry. John Kearns turned his attention to other business endeavors. While the Sunny Side Saloon was a popular watering hole in Lebanon, KentuckyContinue reading “John H. Kearns: Louisville, Kentucky”

George Swinehart: Tuscarawas Pioneer

Many of the earliest settlers of the area now known as Tuscarawas County earned their land, and their families’ futures here, from their service to the United States in the American Revolution. George Swinehart (1754-1815) earned his piece of Tuscarawas County heaven through his service protecting the frontier of Pennsylvania and Virginia for the rebelliousContinue reading “George Swinehart: Tuscarawas Pioneer”

Fallen Heroes: Private Joseph Lawver

Any death by soldiers serving their country are tragic losses, sometimes those deaths occur in battle, sometimes from accidents, and oftentimes due to illness. The tragedy of the death of Joseph Lawver (1893-1918) in World War One was tragic for other reasons as well. Joseph was the only son of Sugarcreek Township, Tuscarawas County farmerContinue reading “Fallen Heroes: Private Joseph Lawver”

John H. Kearns: Marion County, Kentucky

My neighbor is very aware of my interest in family histories and, after looking into his family history, I better understood his love of whiskey (which I share). His family, like mine, was scattered across the country and I have discovered that he has some very interesting ancestors; John H. Kearns (1858-1910) of Kentucky isContinue reading “John H. Kearns: Marion County, Kentucky”

Fallen Heroes: Private Robert C. Watson

Very rarely do we learn the details of how a fallen hero met their death and, often, the oral history of what may have happened can be flawed or incomplete. In the case of Newport, Tuscarawas County’s Robert C. Watson (1922-1943), how he lost his life serving overseas was well documented by his unit. RobertContinue reading “Fallen Heroes: Private Robert C. Watson”