The New Castle Coal Mine Accident and the Death of Frank C. Stow

Frank C. Stow (1858-1901) wore many hats in his short life. He worked as a plumber at the time of his death, but had been a general laborer, the Courthouse janitor, a constable, the jailer, a fireman, as well as being reported an excellent dancer. Frank was very active and liked in the community, butContinue reading “The New Castle Coal Mine Accident and the Death of Frank C. Stow”

Fallen Heroes: Private William Davy

Often what makes historical research so frustrating can also be what makes it so fulfilling. I decided to look into the brief life of Private William Davy (1844-1863) precisely because I could find so little information about him. Now having done so, I am proud to bring his story of service out from under theContinue reading “Fallen Heroes: Private William Davy”

Burned, Broken & Illness: The 1883 Winkler Family Tragedy

The development of heavy industry in Tuscarawas County in the 19th century led to an influx of immigration from all over the European continent. Among the immigrant families that relocated to the county was the Winkler family from Switzerland. Four brothers hoped to start a new life in America and bring the rest of theirContinue reading “Burned, Broken & Illness: The 1883 Winkler Family Tragedy”

Fallen Heroes: Staff Sergeant Wilbur R. Bailey

The hedgerows of the Normandy countryside can be beautiful, but during the days that Wilbur R. Bailey (1921-1944) spent among them in July 1944 they proved fatal. According to one newspaper account reporting his death, Wilbur was the only World War Two casualty from within the limits of Mineral City. Wilbur R. Bailey was bornContinue reading “Fallen Heroes: Staff Sergeant Wilbur R. Bailey”

Fallen Heroes: Private Ralph James Fivecoat

When Private Ralph James Fivecoat (1896-1919) died in France, the war had officially been over for nearly three months. Nonetheless, the Tuscarawas County coal miner, who had been fatally wounded, never returned home. John Fivecoat (1872-1963) and his wife Nora Shaffer (1875-1965) lived in the community of Tuscarawas when they welcomed their first child, andContinue reading “Fallen Heroes: Private Ralph James Fivecoat”

Michael Sunningshine and The Rocket’s Red Glare

One of the most fascinating things about conducting family history, whether your own or someone else’s, is the discovery of personal connections to significant historic events. My fourth great-grandfather, the subject of this post, was present at an event that has become part of the shared American consciousness. The greatest challenge of studying the SunningshineContinue reading “Michael Sunningshine and The Rocket’s Red Glare”

Fallen Heroes: Private John D. Corpman

John D. Corpman (1840-1863) found himself, along with his comrades in the Union Army, marching across Tennessee in the winter of 1862. After a year and a half of service he had luckily managed to avoid serious injury and disease. Unfortunately, his luck would soon run out just northeast of the town of Murfreesboro, Tennessee.Continue reading “Fallen Heroes: Private John D. Corpman”

Harry Ashworth 1944-1945

When I was pursuing my master’s degree in military history, I decided that I wanted to give my grandfather an opportunity to help me document his military service. I created a questionnaire for him to fill out, and told him that I would not share any of the information he provided until after he, andContinue reading “Harry Ashworth 1944-1945”