Ghost of Hummel Valley: A Tuscarawas Haunting

Nothing captures the imagination more than a good ghost story, and newspapers are always willing to print them to sell papers. The 1922 case of the ghost haunting the Plotner family was covered in several editions of the New Philadelphia paper and carried by newspapers all over Ohio. John Emerson (1789-1838) immigrated with his familyContinue reading “Ghost of Hummel Valley: A Tuscarawas Haunting”

Fallen Heroes: Private Adam Frantz

Typically my fallen heroes stories focus on those who gave the ultimate sacrifice while in service. In this case I have chosen instead to look at the service of a man who fought for independence during the American Revolutionary War, became one of the earliest American settlers in Tuscarawas County, and yet somehow escaped attention.Continue reading “Fallen Heroes: Private Adam Frantz”

Fallen Heroes: Private William Bennet

I am always reminded of just how much military service to the United States is often the gateway to a future for many immigrants to our country. During the early 19th century many Irish immigrants arrived in America seeking a better life and many of them, or their sons, served their new country during theContinue reading “Fallen Heroes: Private William Bennet”

Fallen Heroes: Staff Sergeant Loren Ray Miller

The story of every fallen hero is a sad one to write, but occasionally I will come across one that seems more so. When I sit down to research each fallen hero I often come across efforts by others to document some aspect of that person’s life, showing me that they have not been completelyContinue reading “Fallen Heroes: Staff Sergeant Loren Ray Miller”

Fallen Heroes: Private First Class Thomas Alan Johnson

Bases, roads, hospitals and so much more are essential to the military’s operations and the soldiers responsible for constructing them are often overlooked. Much of their efforts are done under hostile enemy fire and can be just as dangerous as any other soldier’s duty. This is one of those cases. David Johnson (1857-1920), relocated fromContinue reading “Fallen Heroes: Private First Class Thomas Alan Johnson”