“Witches at their Old Tricks”: The Stone Creek Witch of 1870

When strange happenings occur within a community, the public’s perception of the validity of those happenings often hinge on the credibility of the witnesses. The family in this case was a well known and respected family and their unusual experience in the spring of 1870 was documented in the local newspaper. Henry Fisher (1795-1882) andContinue reading ““Witches at their Old Tricks”: The Stone Creek Witch of 1870″

Fallen Heroes: Staff Sergeant Richard K. Breting

When a soldier, sailor or marine goes off to war there is always the chance that they may not return. In some cases not only is one killed, but their mortal remains are unable to be recovered and sent home for burial. Oftentimes these cases, like the following story, occur among those serving in aircraftContinue reading “Fallen Heroes: Staff Sergeant Richard K. Breting”

Fallen Heroes: Corporal Charles W. Newton

Many of the men covered in this series of profiles were young men, in the prime of their lives, when war took them away from their friends and families. This profile illustrates that point better than many, the “young man” was barely a man when he went off to war. The ancestors of Charles W.Continue reading “Fallen Heroes: Corporal Charles W. Newton”

The Goshen Road Ghost

Ghost stories capture the imagination of the reader perhaps more than most, and local ones even more so. A ghost story is more fun to read when you are familiar with an area, its history, its lore, and landmarks. During the spring of 1904, the south side of New Philadelphia made the papers when twoContinue reading “The Goshen Road Ghost”

Fallen Heroes: Specialist 4 Thomas Michael Struchen

The stories of fallen heroes are composed of long lists of “All American Boys.” Young men often went from their high school playing fields to the jungles of Vietnam within a few short months. They, like many heroes before them, gave their lives far from the people they loved and the country they served. TheContinue reading “Fallen Heroes: Specialist 4 Thomas Michael Struchen”

“Everyone Thinks I Am Crazy”: A UFO Sighting in Tuscarawas County

Sometimes when you are doing research on a subject, you accidently stumble upon the unexpected. This is one of those cases. While researching a fallen hero, and unrelated to his story, I came across a document on a UFO sighting that occurred in New Philadelphia, Ohio in 1968. There was no way I was notContinue reading ““Everyone Thinks I Am Crazy”: A UFO Sighting in Tuscarawas County”

Fallen Heroes: Private Joseph (Joe) Aspinall

Once again I have come across the story of a fallen hero whose family had only recently arrived from abroad. This soldier served a country that his parents had decided offered them, and their children, a better life. Like so many before and after him, this immigrant’s son would be called on to make theContinue reading “Fallen Heroes: Private Joseph (Joe) Aspinall”