“To Avoid Ridicule From Others”: 1961 Gnadenhutten UFO

Having gone through a number of the Project Blue Book files available online, I decided instead to look at local UFO sightings that have been reported to groups dedicated to documenting such occurrences. The following account of an encounter from 1961 was reported to one of these organizations by an anonymous individual I will callContinue reading ““To Avoid Ridicule From Others”: 1961 Gnadenhutten UFO”

Fallen Heroes: Corporal Arthur T. Friley

Many imagine that only men from the Navy or Coast Guard saw duty on the numerous patrol boats that operated in the rivers of South Vietnam. The Army, however, also played a part in what they referred to as “riverine” operations. The story of this fallen hero is one example of that type of service.Continue reading “Fallen Heroes: Corporal Arthur T. Friley”

Fallen Heroes: Private Frederick F. Bukey

When a soldier goes off to war, they recognize that there is always the possibility that they may never return home. Some of those soldiers may survive the battlefield only to be captured by the enemy and sent away to a far-off prison-of-war camp. If they were lucky they returned home, but not in theContinue reading “Fallen Heroes: Private Frederick F. Bukey”

Delaporte’s Folly: Virginia’s French Corps of 1777-1778

One of the most enjoyable aspects of when I worked for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation was the opportunity to research and publish about lesser known Williamsburg stories and personalities. The story of the short-life of the Virginia French Corps was one example. This article was originally published in the Colonial Williamsburg Interpreter, Volume 24, NumberContinue reading “Delaporte’s Folly: Virginia’s French Corps of 1777-1778”

Fallen Heroes: Corporal Walter J. Weigand

Some fallen heroes never see a battlefield. Their lives are lost during training, transportation, illness and any number of other ways. Regardless of how, or when they lose their lives in the service of their country, their willingness to sacrifice should never be forgotten. Magnus Weigand (1804-aft. 1883), with his wife and son, stepped offContinue reading “Fallen Heroes: Corporal Walter J. Weigand”

The White Hill Chain Works of Fieldsboro, New Jersey

Old photographs often offer glimpses of what life was like for our ancestors, and the world in which they lived and worked. One such photograph of the White Hill Chain Works in my own collection did just that. All I had to do was take the time to look. During the 19th century the areaContinue reading “The White Hill Chain Works of Fieldsboro, New Jersey”

Fallen Heroes: Seaman 2nd Class Walter Proeger

The subject of this profile was a Tuscarawas County resident for only a few years before making the ultimate sacrifice to his country. The branch of service in which he served is not often associated with war, but during World War Two it’s members played a pivotal role in the war effort. Conrad Proeger (1844-1896)Continue reading “Fallen Heroes: Seaman 2nd Class Walter Proeger”

“Evaluated as Unknown”: A UFO Sighting in Carrollton

I thought I would pay another visit to the Project Blue Book files to see if any other local UFO sightings were investigated by the United States Air Force. The following is one such sighting from neighboring Carroll County in July 1956. The young doctor and his wife were entertaining their two young nieces atContinue reading ““Evaluated as Unknown”: A UFO Sighting in Carrollton”