“Evaluated as Unknown”: A UFO Sighting in Carrollton

Carrollton Ohio UFO Sighting 1956

I thought I would pay another visit to the Project Blue Book files to see if any other local UFO sightings were investigated by the United States Air Force. The following is one such sighting from neighboring Carroll County in July 1956.

The young doctor and his wife were entertaining their two young nieces at their home in Carrolton, Ohio on a hot summer evening in July 1956. The doctor’s wife and the girls were downstairs in the den together, staying up late and enjoying one another’s company. Meanwhile, being a weeknight, the doctor had gone upstairs to read and get ready for bed. It was a dark night with some clouds obscuring the nearly half-full moon and a slight breeze took the edge off of the summer heat.

It was around 11:15 pm when the couple’s dog, outside at the time, began to bark incessantly. The doctor’s wife told the two girls to wait in the den as she went outside to quiet the dog. Once the wife stepped outside, she saw the dog barking towards the sky in a southerly direction. Looking up, the woman saw three bright lights in the sky moving erratically and changing colors. Perhaps unsure of what she was seeing, she called for her nieces to come outside.

The Project Blue Book file card for the Carrollton UFO sighting.

The girls joined their aunt in the yard, gazing at the sky and following the movements of the three lights as they changed colors from silver, to blue, to orange, and back to silver again. Each light seemed to be moving independent of one another. The three, now convinced that what they were seeing was unusual, all called for the doctor to join them in the yard. The doctor came outside and joined the others and, after seeing what they saw, ran inside to get his binoculars so as to get a better look.

The doctor studied the objects through the binoculars, occasionally handing them to his nieces or wife so they could confirm what he was seeing. There were three distinct objects, each changing colors and each moving in different directions. At times the objects appeared to be cigar shaped and other times they were more disc shaped. Based on his estimates of how far away they were, the doctor believed each of the objects to be nearly 150 feet in diameter. After watching the objects for about an hour, the objects suddenly flew towards and over the house at a high rate of speed making a loud humming noise. Then they were gone.

One of the witness sketches showing the movements of the UFO.

The next day the doctor contacted the Air Force Station in Brookfield, Ohio to report what he and the other witnesses had seen. The non-commissioned officer who took the doctor’s report passed the information on to the Project Blue Book team. Questionnaires were sent to the witnesses in early August 1956 and were filled out and returned by the end of August. Additionally, Project Blue Book researched local flight records and weather data to see if perhaps they had been the source of the objects witnessed by the doctor and his family members.

The investigators concluded that there were no aircraft in the immediate area that could have been mistaken as something else by the witnesses. They found that no weather balloons or weather anomalies were the possible cause of what had been experienced. They did not, however, speak directly with the witnesses. The investigators determined that what the witnesses had seen could only be evaluated as “unknown.”

In spite of the investigation determining that the objects were unknown and the credibility and consistency of the witnesses in the case, the folder label for the final report checked the box marked “Hoax.”

Cover sheet containing information related to the Carrollton UFO sighting.

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