Professional Services

My thirty+ years as a nonprofit professional, and my experience as an American Alliance of Museums Peer Reviewer, will help you make your historical nonprofit organization the best it can be.

About Me

Museum Planning

Need a plan for the future of your institution? I can facilitate the creation of a strategic plan that assists your organization in the achievement of its mission. A nonprofit without a plan is a ship without a rudder. Make sure you’re not rudderless!

Exhibit Planning

Every institution, museum or private business, has a story to tell. Many don’t have the resources to develop compelling exhibits to tell those stories. Let me, and my hand selected team of professionals, do the heavy lifting for you. I specialize in small museum exhibits that utilize what you have to offer.

Collection Planning

A nonprofit’s collection is one of its greatest assets. Documenting, caring and displaying it appropriately is vital to your mission. Creating policies, procedures, plans take time that you may not have. Let me do that work for you.

How Can I Help?

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