One Clock’s Tale

Antiques often come with a life story of their own. Like a person’s own story, the story of an object often includes aspects that can be neither proven or disproven. Connections to historical figures and events are often touted as a reason to enhance the monetary value of an object. Trying to trace the storyContinue reading “One Clock’s Tale”

Delaporte’s Folly: Virginia’s French Corps of 1777-1778

One of the most enjoyable aspects of when I worked for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation was the opportunity to research and publish about lesser known Williamsburg stories and personalities. The story of the short-life of the Virginia French Corps was one example. This article was originally published in the Colonial Williamsburg Interpreter, Volume 24, NumberContinue reading “Delaporte’s Folly: Virginia’s French Corps of 1777-1778”

George Swinehart: Tuscarawas Pioneer

Many of the earliest settlers of the area now known as Tuscarawas County earned their land, and their families’ futures here, from their service to the United States in the American Revolution. George Swinehart (1754-1815) earned his piece of Tuscarawas County heaven through his service protecting the frontier of Pennsylvania and Virginia for the rebelliousContinue reading “George Swinehart: Tuscarawas Pioneer”

The Invention of America

This Fourth of July I want to revisit an article I wrote nineteen years ago on the significance of technological development on the gaining of American Independence. This was originally published in the Colonial Williamsburg Interpreter, Volume 22, Number 3, Fall 2001. “But the question, who commenced the Revolution? is as difficult as that ofContinue reading “The Invention of America”