Fallen Heroes: Private Roy W. Emhoff

This Tuscarawas County fallen hero’s coal mining family lost their first son to illness before his eighteenth birthday and, exactly twenty years later, lost their second son on a far-off battlefield. The Emhoff family arrived in Philadelphia from Switzerland in 1837. There were four children in the family and, among them, was a son namedContinue reading “Fallen Heroes: Private Roy W. Emhoff”

Fallen Heroes: Corporal James R. Bair

I imagine that when Corporal James R. Bair (1931-1952) learned he would be sent to Korea, he had no idea how long that deployment would last. Unfortunately, his service there was cut short and he returned home far sooner than anyone expected. James Bair was born in 1931, the youngest son of Raymond Bair (1898-1993)Continue reading “Fallen Heroes: Corporal James R. Bair”