The Christmas Murder, Part Eight: For the Prosecution

The men tasked with prosecuting Henry Wehrli were led by a member of one of Tuscarawas County’s most prominent legal families, James Graham Patrick. However had it not been for the participation of one man in the assisting the effort, Abraham W. Patrick, I may never have stumbled upon the odd case of the ‘ChristmasContinue reading “The Christmas Murder, Part Eight: For the Prosecution”

The Christmas Murder, Part Nine: The Jury

I had initially planned to look at the trial itself in this post, but instead thought I would present a little bit of information on the twelve men from Tuscarawas County who were selected to sit on the jury that would hear the murder trial of Henry Wehrli. These men represented a cross-section of theContinue reading “The Christmas Murder, Part Nine: The Jury”

The House, Part 1 – A.W. Patrick

I am one of those people who would much rather prefer an old house to a new one. The first house I ever bought was a brand-new construction and I remember trying to do everything I could, while it was built and afterwards, to give it some semblance of old house charm. Not easy toContinue reading “The House, Part 1 – A.W. Patrick”