Fallen Heroes: Private Francis Blickensderfer

This fallen hero was the descendant of an American Revolutionary War patriot and early settler of Tuscarawas County. He would make his sacrifice in a war to preserve the nation his ancestor helped create. The Blickensderfer family arrived in Tuscarawas County, Ohio with the arrival of Christian Blickenderfer, Jr. (1753-1820) and his family who purchasedContinue reading “Fallen Heroes: Private Francis Blickensderfer”

One House’s Story: Captain Oliver C. Powleson

I frequently pass this well-maintained home on my walks around New Philadelphia and wondered about its history. I had no idea that it had been the home of one of New Philadelphia’s heroes of the American Civil War and a later Mayor of the City of New Philadelphia. A note about addresses: House numbers andContinue reading “One House’s Story: Captain Oliver C. Powleson”

One House’s Story: The Hickman Family

As one travels along Interstate 77 north of Bolivar one can see, especially in the winter, an abandoned house sitting amongst overgrown trees and bushes along Sherman Church Road. This windowless and empty shell was once a family’s home, and that home has a story to tell. A note about addresses: House numbers and streetContinue reading “One House’s Story: The Hickman Family”

Fallen Heroes: Private Paul Brewer

This fallen hero saw numerous engagements during three years of campaigning with the Union army. He probably never expected that, after experiencing the violence of war, he would lose his life while safely in the bosom of home. The Brewer family arrived in Maryland in the 18th century, settling in the city of Baltimore, thoughContinue reading “Fallen Heroes: Private Paul Brewer”

Fallen Heroes: Private Samuel Stocker

It is all too common that we rarely discover the exact circumstances of a fallen heroes death. Unless a witness thinks to write down the particulars, the sacrifice often becomes merely a footnote in their own history. This is yet another example of such a sacrifice, but worthy of telling nonetheless. The Stocker family inContinue reading “Fallen Heroes: Private Samuel Stocker”

Fallen Heroes: Sergeant Davis D. Cordrey

The vast majority of men who served during the Civil War did so in units raised by the individual states; however, the United States Regular Army needed men to fill its ranks. This is the story of one of those men. The Cordrey family was residing in New Jersey by the middle of the 18thContinue reading “Fallen Heroes: Sergeant Davis D. Cordrey”

Fallen Heroes: Private Frederick F. Bukey

When a soldier goes off to war, they recognize that there is always the possibility that they may never return home. Some of those soldiers may survive the battlefield only to be captured by the enemy and sent away to a far-off prison-of-war camp. If they were lucky they returned home, but not in theContinue reading “Fallen Heroes: Private Frederick F. Bukey”

Fallen Heroes: Private Jacob Fribley

The battlefields of the Civil War are well known to most students of history, and in some cases certain parts of those battlefields become famous. The Burnside Bridge on the Antietam battlefield is one example. This fallen hero gave the ultimate sacrifice defending that landmark. Jacob Fribley (1784-1852) was born in Pennsylvania and, shortly afterContinue reading “Fallen Heroes: Private Jacob Fribley”

Fallen Heroes: Private William Bennet

I am always reminded of just how much military service to the United States is often the gateway to a future for many immigrants to our country. During the early 19th century many Irish immigrants arrived in America seeking a better life and many of them, or their sons, served their new country during theContinue reading “Fallen Heroes: Private William Bennet”