One House’s Story: The Carey Family

There is a little house in New Philadelphia that I’ve walked passed numerous times and, as it still looks like it is beloved by its owner, was curious about its history. It turns out it is the story of a late 19th century family matriarch, her status as an esteemed resident, and her modest lifeContinue reading “One House’s Story: The Carey Family”

One House’s Story: The Gribble Family

The stretch of North Broadway that spans from Ray Avenue to Tuscora Park is dotted with many fine homes. Among them is a home built by a man who was a Civil War veteran, a longtime public servant, a well-respected member of the New Philadelphia community, and son of one of Tuscarawas County’s early pioneers.Continue reading “One House’s Story: The Gribble Family”

One House’s Story: How I Do It

One of the questions I often see after I post a house story asks how I go about researching these individual houses and their occupants. I thought I would write this post to provide that information. Firstly, these posts are not intended as full house-histories. If I were conducting house history research for a payingContinue reading “One House’s Story: How I Do It”