“Six Cents and a Muskrat Tail”: Ohio Hatter John Scroggs

It happens. Sometimes when I am researching one subject I come across something that I can’t resist looking into further. In this case it was an advertisement for a runaway apprentice hatter that took me down, fittingly, a rabbit hole and into the life of an early 19th century Ohio tradesman. When his father AllenContinue reading ““Six Cents and a Muskrat Tail”: Ohio Hatter John Scroggs”

Michael Sunningshine and The Rocket’s Red Glare

One of the most fascinating things about conducting family history, whether your own or someone else’s, is the discovery of personal connections to significant historic events. My fourth great-grandfather, the subject of this post, was present at an event that has become part of the shared American consciousness. The greatest challenge of studying the SunningshineContinue reading “Michael Sunningshine and The Rocket’s Red Glare”