Fallen Heroes: Sergeant Davis D. Cordrey

The vast majority of men who served during the Civil War did so in units raised by the individual states; however, the United States Regular Army needed men to fill its ranks. This is the story of one of those men. The Cordrey family was residing in New Jersey by the middle of the 18thContinue reading “Fallen Heroes: Sergeant Davis D. Cordrey”

Fallen Heroes: Private William Bennet

I am always reminded of just how much military service to the United States is often the gateway to a future for many immigrants to our country. During the early 19th century many Irish immigrants arrived in America seeking a better life and many of them, or their sons, served their new country during theContinue reading “Fallen Heroes: Private William Bennet”

Fallen Heroes: Private Andrew Huth

The death of soldiers from disease was common during the American Civil War and soldiers from Tuscarawas County were not immune. Andrew Huth (1843-1863) died in Tennessee in the spring of 1863 from typhoid, but had already proven himself to be a “generous and brave” soldier worthy of remembrance. The Huth family arrived in TuscarawasContinue reading “Fallen Heroes: Private Andrew Huth”