One House’s Story: The Miller Family

I’ve wanted to write about this home on Ray Avenue for a while as it looked like an effort was being made to fix it up and make it a home again. It is nice to explore the origins of a house that will soon have a new life. A note about addresses: House numbersContinue reading “One House’s Story: The Miller Family”

One House’s Story: The Eberhardt Family

There was a family of builders who, during the last half of the 19th century, may have accounted for many of the houses and buildings constructed throughout the city of New Philadelphia. It is only fitting that we look at a house that they not only lived in but may have even constructed. A noteContinue reading “One House’s Story: The Eberhardt Family”

One House’s Story: The Stow Family

There is a house that sits prominently at one of the busiest intersections in downtown New Philadelphia. The family that built the home left no children behind to tell their story of how they came to New Philadelphia and helped build a community and life. Hopefully this short profile helps fill that void. A noteContinue reading “One House’s Story: The Stow Family”

“Six Cents and a Muskrat Tail”: Ohio Hatter John Scroggs

It happens. Sometimes when I am researching one subject I come across something that I can’t resist looking into further. In this case it was an advertisement for a runaway apprentice hatter that took me down, fittingly, a rabbit hole and into the life of an early 19th century Ohio tradesman. When his father AllenContinue reading ““Six Cents and a Muskrat Tail”: Ohio Hatter John Scroggs”