Fallen Heroes: Private Paul Brewer

This fallen hero saw numerous engagements during three years of campaigning with the Union army. He probably never expected that, after experiencing the violence of war, he would lose his life while safely in the bosom of home. The Brewer family arrived in Maryland in the 18th century, settling in the city of Baltimore, thoughContinue reading “Fallen Heroes: Private Paul Brewer”

“Blackstone, Poetry, and Family Troubles”: A Poisoning on Crooked Run

This week we are going to revisit a family we first met in a previous Tuscarawas County story (The Witch of Stonecreek), only this time it is a different Fisher family member who is a major character in the tale. Members of the Fisher family of Crooked Run were no stranger to being in theContinue reading ““Blackstone, Poetry, and Family Troubles”: A Poisoning on Crooked Run”