The White Hill Chain Works of Fieldsboro, New Jersey

Old photographs often offer glimpses of what life was like for our ancestors, and the world in which they lived and worked. One such photograph of the White Hill Chain Works in my own collection did just that. All I had to do was take the time to look. During the 19th century the areaContinue reading “The White Hill Chain Works of Fieldsboro, New Jersey”

Fallen Heroes: Staff Sergeant Richard K. Breting

When a soldier, sailor or marine goes off to war there is always the chance that they may not return. In some cases not only is one killed, but their mortal remains are unable to be recovered and sent home for burial. Oftentimes these cases, like the following story, occur among those serving in aircraftContinue reading “Fallen Heroes: Staff Sergeant Richard K. Breting”

Fallen Heroes: Private Robert C. Watson

Very rarely do we learn the details of how a fallen hero met their death and, often, the oral history of what may have happened can be flawed or incomplete. In the case of Newport, Tuscarawas County’s Robert C. Watson (1922-1943), how he lost his life serving overseas was well documented by his unit. RobertContinue reading “Fallen Heroes: Private Robert C. Watson”