The House, Part 1 – A.W. Patrick

I am one of those people who would much rather prefer an old house to a new one. The first house I ever bought was a brand-new construction and I remember trying to do everything I could, while it was built and afterwards, to give it some semblance of old house charm. Not easy toContinue reading “The House, Part 1 – A.W. Patrick”

“Grandpa Murphy” Started it All

My interest in my family’s history began almost twenty-five years ago when my mother, Bonnie Ashworth, passed along to me an old, worn ledger book. The book contained poetry written over one hundred years ago by her great-great-grandfather and passed down to her by her Grandmother, Caroline Billingham Bentz (Grandpa Murphy’s granddaughter.) The family possessedContinue reading ““Grandpa Murphy” Started it All”