Russell Lowell Shively: Clean Living and a Cheerful Disposition

One of my mantras is that every person, historical or living, has a story to tell us. Occasionally, just to remind myself of that, I look for a random person in a historical record and dive into their life to discover their story. The other day I found myself virtually leafing through the 1913 NewContinue reading “Russell Lowell Shively: Clean Living and a Cheerful Disposition”

The House – Florence Marsh, Part 1

One of the attractions of an older home, particularly to someone with an interest in history, is the fact that the home had a life long before its current occupant. That life includes people who, like me, are moving through time and experiencing the events and challenges presented in their lifetimes. Another of the individualsContinue reading “The House – Florence Marsh, Part 1”