Fallen Heroes: Private Robert C. Watson

Very rarely do we learn the details of how a fallen hero met their death and, often, the oral history of what may have happened can be flawed or incomplete. In the case of Newport, Tuscarawas County’s Robert C. Watson (1922-1943), how he lost his life serving overseas was well documented by his unit. RobertContinue reading “Fallen Heroes: Private Robert C. Watson”

Fallen Heroes: Private Andrew Huth

The death of soldiers from disease was common during the American Civil War and soldiers from Tuscarawas County were not immune. Andrew Huth (1843-1863) died in Tennessee in the spring of 1863 from typhoid, but had already proven himself to be a “generous and brave” soldier worthy of remembrance. The Huth family arrived in TuscarawasContinue reading “Fallen Heroes: Private Andrew Huth”

Fallen Heroes: Corporal Melvin Lauver

While many of Ohio’s fallen heroes rest in cemeteries in their home state, many others never returned home. When Uhrichsville’s Melvin Lauver (1915-1943) entered the United States Army in 1942, he and his family never anticipated that he would be memorialized 4000 miles from his hometown. When Melvin Lauver was born in Uhrichsville in 1915,Continue reading “Fallen Heroes: Corporal Melvin Lauver”

Fallen Heroes: Private Frederick Gibson

I never tire of learning about people in history who were able to see more of the world than one might expect for someone of their era. Oftentimes the mechanism for that travel was through service in the military. Frederick Gibson (1877-1900), who grew up in Mill Township, Tuscarawas County, was one of those soldiersContinue reading “Fallen Heroes: Private Frederick Gibson”

Fallen Heroes: Private John P. Rose

My grandfather served with the United States Army in North Africa during World War Two, and that theater of the war has always held a special interest for me. When I discovered that Dover, Ohio resident John P. Rose (1918-1942) had served and sacrificed his life in that campaign, I wanted to discover more aboutContinue reading “Fallen Heroes: Private John P. Rose”

Fallen Heroes: Private Thomas J. Ayers

I have always found myself attracted to telling the stories of people whose lives were not as widely known and who, nonetheless, are deserving of remembrance. The short lives of those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country are of particular interest to me. This series of blogs, Fallen Heroes, will examine those lives.Continue reading “Fallen Heroes: Private Thomas J. Ayers”

Fallen Heroes: Private James McMerter

One of the reasons I became a historian in the first place was because I enjoyed discovering, and telling, the stories of people who’s history has been lost. Whenever I come across a person whose life has been all but forgotten, especially when that person volunteered to serve their country, I feel a special motivationContinue reading “Fallen Heroes: Private James McMerter”

Russell Lowell Shively: Clean Living and a Cheerful Disposition

One of my mantras is that every person, historical or living, has a story to tell us. Occasionally, just to remind myself of that, I look for a random person in a historical record and dive into their life to discover their story. The other day I found myself virtually leafing through the 1913 NewContinue reading “Russell Lowell Shively: Clean Living and a Cheerful Disposition”

John Pryor Cary’s Unfortunate End

Historical newspaper stories are a treasure trove of information about a community and its inhabitants. Often dull, sometimes inflammatory, and in the case of John Pryor Cary (1841-1901) of Uhrichsville, tragic. After reading a newspaper story about his death, I wanted to learn more about what may have led this man to his unfortunate end.Continue reading “John Pryor Cary’s Unfortunate End”

Isaac K. Lakin: From the Tuscarawas to the Yellowstone

The Yellowstone River with Miles City, Montana in the distance, c. 1881. I always enjoy when I stumble across someone in history who, through a simple mention in a newspaper or other source, captures my interest so much that I want to learn more about them. My search for their life in the historical recordContinue reading “Isaac K. Lakin: From the Tuscarawas to the Yellowstone”