The Christmas Murder, Part Three: The Capture

Henry Wehrli headed off into the woods on Christmas morning 1890 after fatally shooting James Booth. He took with him the murder weapon, some cash and a bottle of his beloved whiskey. He would not make it far before word got out about the murder and his effort to flee would be short-lived. “Good byeContinue reading “The Christmas Murder, Part Three: The Capture”

The Christmas Murder, Part Two

Henry Wehrli, William Gribble, and James Booth spent most of Christmas Eve 1890 drinking copious amounts of rye whiskey, eating oysters and arguing amongst themselves. By the time they all decided to go to their separate rooms, Henry and James were threatening one another with death while William attempted to stay out of the fray.Continue reading “The Christmas Murder, Part Two”

The Christmas Murder, Part One

While researching the life of New Philadelphia lawyer, judge and politician Abraham W. Patrick, a previous occupant of my home, I came across newspaper accounts about a murder on Christmas Day 1890. Abraham W. Patrick served with the prosecution during the murderer’s trial. It is a story worth telling. Our modern conception of the celebrationContinue reading “The Christmas Murder, Part One”

The Last Chapter: Frank Foote Part Three

Frank Foote, Jr. was convicted of manslaughter in the shooting death of George Clawson in December 1861 and experienced violence and death as a soldier during the Civil War from 1862 until 1865. He returned home to Cincinnati after the war to begin the last chapter of his short life, accompanied by the ghosts ofContinue reading “The Last Chapter: Frank Foote Part Three”

“On the Front Line All the Time.”: Frank Foote Part Two

Frank Foote, Jr., convicted of manslaughter in the shooting death of George Clawson in December 1861, found himself enlisted in Company I, 70th Ohio Volunteer Infantry in early 1862. He served in the regiment from 1862 until 1865, experienced a number of bloody engagements, until his discharge and return to Cincinnati. It is unclear exactlyContinue reading ““On the Front Line All the Time.”: Frank Foote Part Two”

“A Surly and Offensive Reply”: Frank Foote Part One

When studying an ancestor’s personal story, I often wonder how the events and actions they experienced impacted the course of their lives. In the case of my 3rd-great-uncle, Frank Foote, Junior, there is little doubt his death was hastened by the violence of his youth. (The Foote surname is spelled Foote and Foot in theContinue reading ““A Surly and Offensive Reply”: Frank Foote Part One”

Cleverest Young Boxer

Conducting family history and genealogy can be very rewarding for all the wonderful stories and people that you discover along the way. Family histories are also where one discovers the tragedies that one’s family has had to endure over the years. The story of Ernest “Kid” Eppenstiner, an up-and-coming boxer of the 1910s, is oneContinue reading “Cleverest Young Boxer”

The House, Part 5 – Sanborne Maps

When trying to piece together the physical history of a building there are a number of useful resources that can be used. One of the tools that can be used when looking at buildings from the late 19th century and early 20th century are Sanborne Fire Insurance Maps. These maps can provide details on theContinue reading “The House, Part 5 – Sanborne Maps”

The House, Part 4 – Samuel Crossland

One of the most basic questions that the homeowner of an old home asks themselves is “Who built my house?” It is a question that, with older homes, is often difficult to answer since the records we most often rely upon do not necessarily provide the kind of detail necessary to make a firm determination.Continue reading “The House, Part 4 – Samuel Crossland”

The House, Part 3 – Florence Marsh

It is not often that one discovers that a prominent citizen and contributor to the community lived in the home one now occupies. I consider myself lucky to be one of those people. Buying my home, and researching its history, has brought me closer to the community I now call home and understanding the storiesContinue reading “The House, Part 3 – Florence Marsh”