Fallen Heroes: Private First Class John W. Rector

It was the nature of the conflict in Korea that the front lines shifted dramatically, often making it difficult to recover the the bodies of fallen heroes. This Newcomerstown fallen hero, and paratrooper, did not return home for almost five years following his death. The Rector family appeared in Ohio with the arrival of WashingtonContinue reading “Fallen Heroes: Private First Class John W. Rector”

Fallen Heroes: Private John T. Miller

This fallen soldier, who’s job was to provide comfort and aid to his fellow soldiers, was the first from his conflict to be returned home to his loved ones for burial. He was, of course, not the last. Nicholas Miller (1814-1900) and his wife Catherine (1809-1892) immigrated with their seven children, aged from newborn toContinue reading “Fallen Heroes: Private John T. Miller”

Fallen Heroes: Private Roy W. Emhoff

This Tuscarawas County fallen hero’s coal mining family lost their first son to illness before his eighteenth birthday and, exactly twenty years later, lost their second son on a far-off battlefield. The Emhoff family arrived in Philadelphia from Switzerland in 1837. There were four children in the family and, among them, was a son namedContinue reading “Fallen Heroes: Private Roy W. Emhoff”

Fallen Heroes: Private Tony Scaffidi, Jr.

While many stories of fallen heroes involve deaths resulting from combat or disease, there are also those heroes whose deaths occur in the regular performance of their duties. Perhaps no duty is as significant as that of recovering bodies of other fallen heroes and ensuring their proper burial or return to loved ones. This isContinue reading “Fallen Heroes: Private Tony Scaffidi, Jr.”

Fallen Heroes: Sergeant Robert J. Wherley

Patriotism and the desire for service are often driving forces when one makes the decision to serve their country. That service often begins at a time of peace, but is punctuated by the ultimate sacrifice in a subsequent conflict. This fallen hero, determined to serve his country as the Second World War ended, is oneContinue reading “Fallen Heroes: Sergeant Robert J. Wherley”

Fallen Heroes: Private Jerry J. Page

When it is difficult for me to find historical information on a fallen hero, as it was in this case, I am motivated even more to tell their story. Most of the individuals featured in this series died young, before they could live active and well documented lives. Nonetheless, their family history, service and sacrificeContinue reading “Fallen Heroes: Private Jerry J. Page”

Fallen Heroes: Corporal Charles W. Newton

Many of the men covered in this series of profiles were young men, in the prime of their lives, when war took them away from their friends and families. This profile illustrates that point better than many, the “young man” was barely a man when he went off to war. The ancestors of Charles W.Continue reading “Fallen Heroes: Corporal Charles W. Newton”