Fallen Heroes: Private William Border

There are many soldiers who train as medics or corpsman so that they can aid their fellow soldiers wounded in the heat of battle. Unfortunately, in this case, one of those trained soldiers never had the chance. The Border family can trace their Tuscarawas County roots back to the arrival of Christopher Border (1800-1856) andContinue reading “Fallen Heroes: Private William Border”

“Witches at their Old Tricks”: The Stone Creek Witch of 1870

When strange happenings occur within a community, the public’s perception of the validity of those happenings often hinge on the credibility of the witnesses. The family in this case was a well known and respected family and their unusual experience in the spring of 1870 was documented in the local newspaper. Henry Fisher (1795-1882) andContinue reading ““Witches at their Old Tricks”: The Stone Creek Witch of 1870″