Fallen Heroes: Private William Davy

Often what makes historical research so frustrating can also be what makes it so fulfilling. I decided to look into the brief life of Private William Davy (1844-1863) precisely because I could find so little information about him. Now having done so, I am proud to bring his story of service out from under theContinue reading “Fallen Heroes: Private William Davy”

Fallen Heroes: Private John D. Corpman

John D. Corpman (1840-1863) found himself, along with his comrades in the Union Army, marching across Tennessee in the winter of 1862. After a year and a half of service he had luckily managed to avoid serious injury and disease. Unfortunately, his luck would soon run out just northeast of the town of Murfreesboro, Tennessee.Continue reading “Fallen Heroes: Private John D. Corpman”

Fallen Heroes: Private Andrew Huth

The death of soldiers from disease was common during the American Civil War and soldiers from Tuscarawas County were not immune. Andrew Huth (1843-1863) died in Tennessee in the spring of 1863 from typhoid, but had already proven himself to be a “generous and brave” soldier worthy of remembrance. The Huth family arrived in TuscarawasContinue reading “Fallen Heroes: Private Andrew Huth”

Fallen Heroes: Private James McMerter

One of the reasons I became a historian in the first place was because I enjoyed discovering, and telling, the stories of people who’s history has been lost. Whenever I come across a person whose life has been all but forgotten, especially when that person volunteered to serve their country, I feel a special motivationContinue reading “Fallen Heroes: Private James McMerter”