Fallen Heroes: Private Wesley A. Little

I will admit that the stories of fallen heroes lost on battlefields in North Africa during World War Two always captures my attention. My own grandfather served in North Africa during that war and every soldier’s story on those battlefields remind me of him. This fallen hero’s story is one of those reminders. The familyContinue reading “Fallen Heroes: Private Wesley A. Little”

Harry Ashworth 1943-1944

I use this blog as a chance to explore, and help others discover, the lives of people in their families and communities. It is fun, and therapeutic, for me to spend my free-time researching and writing about people whose lives may not have received any attention at all until now. This time I continue myContinue reading “Harry Ashworth 1943-1944”

Harry Ashworth 1944-1945

When I was pursuing my master’s degree in military history, I decided that I wanted to give my grandfather an opportunity to help me document his military service. I created a questionnaire for him to fill out, and told him that I would not share any of the information he provided until after he, andContinue reading “Harry Ashworth 1944-1945”

Fallen Heroes: Private John P. Rose

My grandfather served with the United States Army in North Africa during World War Two, and that theater of the war has always held a special interest for me. When I discovered that Dover, Ohio resident John P. Rose (1918-1942) had served and sacrificed his life in that campaign, I wanted to discover more aboutContinue reading “Fallen Heroes: Private John P. Rose”