Fallen Heroes: Corporal Hubert Jentes

During World War One there were numerous young men from Tuscarawas County who found themselves fighting in Europe. The battlefields of Europe, however, were not the only place where American soldiers served and lost their lives. The Jentes family began in Tuscarawas County with the arrival of German immigrant Adam Jentes (1822-1903) and his pregnantContinue reading “Fallen Heroes: Corporal Hubert Jentes”

Fallen Heroes: Sergeant Robert J. Wherley

Patriotism and the desire for service are often driving forces when one makes the decision to serve their country. That service often begins at a time of peace, but is punctuated by the ultimate sacrifice in a subsequent conflict. This fallen hero, determined to serve his country as the Second World War ended, is oneContinue reading “Fallen Heroes: Sergeant Robert J. Wherley”

Fallen Heroes: Private First Class Thomas Alan Johnson

Bases, roads, hospitals and so much more are essential to the military’s operations and the soldiers responsible for constructing them are often overlooked. Much of their efforts are done under hostile enemy fire and can be just as dangerous as any other soldier’s duty. This is one of those cases. David Johnson (1857-1920), relocated fromContinue reading “Fallen Heroes: Private First Class Thomas Alan Johnson”