One House’s Story: The Gilgen Family

Historical records are great for telling us the who’s and when’s of a person’s life but, unfortunately, they often lack the why’s. This house’s story is about the successful family that built an impressive home on a prominent New Philadelphia street but chose to not live there after it was built. A note about addresses:Continue reading “One House’s Story: The Gilgen Family”

Burned, Broken & Illness: The 1883 Winkler Family Tragedy

The development of heavy industry in Tuscarawas County in the 19th century led to an influx of immigration from all over the European continent. Among the immigrant families that relocated to the county was the Winkler family from Switzerland. Four brothers hoped to start a new life in America and bring the rest of theirContinue reading “Burned, Broken & Illness: The 1883 Winkler Family Tragedy”